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Landlord Tenant Laws Pro

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With nearly 10,000 downloads, quickly find your state’s specific law for often needed 18 Landlord Tenant Laws, providing both Tenant rights & Landlord rights. Don’t search through statutes or other web sites. Find it with one click and one or two swipes.You can quickly find answers to your often needed questions, specific to your state. Those laws include:. 1 Age Majority 2 Dangerous Animals 3 Dog Bite Liability 4 Eviction Notice 5 Fair Housing And Discrimination 6 Habitability- Repair and Maintenance 7 Habitability-Repair and Maintenance 8 Laws Against Eviction Retaliation 9 Minimum Wage10 Parental Responsibility11 Rent Control12 Right of Entry13 Section 814 Security Deposit15 Service Animals16 Small Claims Court17 State Civil Courts18 Walk Through Inspection
Get answers to these commonly asked questions;• Where can I find my state’s tenant’s rights quickly?• Where can I find my state’s landlord’s rights quickly?• What is the maximum security deposit a landlord can demand? - Can I use the deposit for last month’s rent? - What kinds of things can a landlord deduct from his tenant’s deposit? - How soon after I move must a landlord send me an accounting and refund? - What can I do if the landlord keeps the deposit? • Where can I find my local court, including Small Claims Court?• Is a landlord obligated to make repairs to my rental unit? - What is a livable or habitable condition? • How much can the landlord raise my rent? • How often can the landlord raise my rent?• If a tenant does not pay the rent, what kind of notice must be served to remove the tenant from the property? - How much time does a tenant have if he cannot pay the rent? - Can a landlord lock the tenant out and remove his possessions? • Can a landlord or manager enter a tenant's rental unit? - Can my tenant refuse to allow a landlord to enter the rental unit?• Can a tenant or a landlord terminate a tenancy without a reason? • How can I break a lease?• What is a disability? - Discrimination Under the Fair Housing Act - Protection for People With Disabilities• Can a Landlord retaliate against a tenant for trying to get repairs or exercising other rights? • I have a dog. Do I have a right to keep the dog without my landlord’s consent?• Where can I find or list a vacancy for low-income residences? - Can a landlord refuse to rent to Section 8 tenants?
Now optimized for your tablet,’s LTLaws App empowers you with the knowledge of your state’s law. When you want to find a specific law relating to your specific need and do it quickly, it’s the easiest way to get the law working for you.
FEATURES:• Researched and developed by experienced landlord/tenant lawyers• GPS enabled to your state• Search within state listings for all 50 states• Share a copy of relevant law quickly with your tenant, landlord, friend, fellow landlord, or anyone else by text, email, printer, etc.
Have a comment or suggestion? Email us anytime: android_for_ltlaws@landlord.comNote: LTLaws covers all 50 states and D.C. in the USA only at this time.